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Hoxx VPN belongs to the US company based in Florida under the ownership of VPN1.com since 2014. The company owns more than 600 servers in about 30 countries, serving almost one million users. The US-based VPNs are generally considered least reliable in terms of privacy.

Is HOXX VPN free?

The Hoxx claims to be a VPN, but some reasons prove it to be a proxy server more than a VPN. It is freely available.The proxy and VPN working is almost the same as they connect the user to a remote computer. But there is a difference between the two terms.

The proxy servers play the role of a middle person between the remote computer and server. Proxies allow you to select a particular geo-specific location for your computer and connect to the desired website. 

Your web traffic then appears to be coming from a remote computer. In this way, your IP address is hidden, but your privacy and identity are not protected completely. 

VPN provides a more secure browsing experience as compared to a proxy. It completely hides your identity and secures your privacy while connecting you to a remote computer. 

hoxx vpn

Is HOXX VPN good?

You can use the vpn to encrypt your connection and to access blocked websites. Sometimes government or institute block websites. To unblock those websites, you can use this vpn. Also, you can hide your personal information or protect your track using this VPN.

How to set up the Hoxx VPN Proxy for google  chrome extension?

You can download a free VPN proxy for google chrome extension. First go to google chrome play store and add the extension.

hoxx vpn google chrom extension
hoxx vpn google chrom extension

 One significant advantage of this proxy server is saving your system’s data while you are using a public WIFI. There may be some people connected to the same WIFI that may try to steal your personal information. In such cases, a VPN is the best choice to avoid any unwanted activity. Moreover, you can also save yourself from malicious websites.

How to Download Free proxy server HOXX VPN for Windows?

You can easily download the VPN for your Windows device. To download it, follow the steps mentioned below:

hoxx vpn download for pc

How to Download Free HOXX VPN for MAC?

Similarly, you can download it for MAC systems as well. The steps for successful download and installation are as follows:

hoxx vpn for mac


The salient features of are listed below:

Some hackers try to access your private data on the device through public internet connections or malicious websites. It provides you the experience of secure browsing. The VPN hides your existence and prevents you from harmful websites.

You can control your location and IP address details with this proxy vpn . Online browsing and communication expose your Internet Protocol address, which you can easily hide using this VPN.

Hackers can easily access your data and track your communication with the target websites. You can surely avoid this unwanted situation by using the VPN.


For using the VPN, you do not need to be a tech person. The process of installing the software is straightforward. You just have to download the VPN and register on the website. Add an extension of the VPN to your browser, and you are secure.It work on google,firefox and other extensions.

The VPN allows you access to all the websites from any part of the world. If you are at a place where access to some websites is restricted, you can easily open those websites using this proxy vpn. 

The customer support is excellent. You can contact the customer support team for any query. The response is quick, and the solution is provided at hand by the team of experts.

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The specifications are mentioned below:


The significant advantages of the VPN are discussed below:


The disadvantages of the VPN are listed below:

Final review

It does the primary job of hiding your IP address and also preventing your personal information from hackers. But the customer feedback of the VPN is not encouraging. Slow speed and keeping confidential details of the user is a noticeable drawback of the VPN. Moreover, it does not provide services for streaming websites. It works well on android devices, but the performance of the VPN is poor on iOS and desktop. So, the VPN is not highly recommended. 

You will also download Radmin VPN in the alternative of hoxx. This software includes all the features of hoxx vpn proxy.